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Fox [userpic]


May 27th, 2012 (04:47 pm)

current mood: exhausted

Unfortunately, I will not be attending A-kon this year, either. (Nor will Dargon.) I'm moving out of my apartment, which normally would not stop me.

However, I don't trust my roommate to have all her shit out of the apartment in time to clean it. Nevermind leaving her in charge of making sure it's ready to be vacated, even if I spent this week cleaning it up for her. I don't trust her farther than I can throw her for such matters.

So I get to spend A-kon weekend cleaning the fuck out of this apartment and probably throwing my roommate's shit out the door (literally) because she WILL procrastinate and not have a damn thing packed until I get on to her about it. You can believe I'll be breathing down her neck all this week. My shit is already packed, and I own a quarter of what she does. I've already started cleaning the kitchen, despite the fact that she'll probably attempt to fuck it up again between now and this weekend. I'd take the microwave away, but she'd just find it and use it anyway.

Next week I begin Life Without A Roommate. I'm looking forward to it.